Furniture Salve Tips

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Wise Owl Furniture Salve is designed to deodorize, restore, protect, beautify, and rejuvenate furniture and more. You will appreciate its softer than butter texture for easy application. Our furniture salve scents are luxurious and contain plenty of benefits to up your furniture restoring and refinishing game.

What can I use furniture salve on?

Furniture, finished and unfinished wood, car bumpers, leather boots, metal, appliances, skin moisturizer, leather, and much more.


Apply the furniture salve with a lint free cloth or natural bristle brush and work into your surface. Apply as needed. May be used over raw wood, finished or stained wood, painted furniture, and even metal to remove tarnish.

More Info:

  1. May be used in place of furniture wax over painted pieces. It is much softer and easier to apply than wax due to its high hemp see oil content.

  2. Provides protection against water rings and moisture. It may also be used to remove existing water rings.

  3. Available in multiple scents!

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