Beautiful "Artist" Water misting bottle. Perfect when using chalk paints and much more.  

These misters don’t spray or shoot water out… they mist the water softly and beautifully! It makes a huge difference in the gliding of the brush, the smoothness of the finish, and really helps control the blending of two or more paint colors.
Engineered with multi-patented technologies to deliver a remarkable spray every time. Superior ergonomics makes it delightful to use and its spray performance is truly remarkable. Continuous Spray – Repeated actuation produces and endless spray allowing large areas to be covered quickly and easily. 360° Spraying Option allows all areas to be reached. Fine mist spray pattern distributes water evenly to hair. 300 ml refillable bottle. Fixed volume provides 1.25 cc per spray consistently from first to last drop. Less Hand Fatigue Compared to Standard Triggers and Finger Tip Sprayers


1. Delivers a continuous ultra fine spray at any angle - distributing water evenly.

2. Will not soak your project piece like traditional sprayers.

3. Produces a sustained mist that allows large areas to be covered quickly and easily

4. Fits comfortably in your hand - less arm fatigue

5. Eco-friendly. No aerosols or propellants.

6. Refillable 
7. Bottle holds 10 fluid oz.

8. Use with water only. Not recommended for any oily products.


Perfect for blending and eliminating brushstrokes. Clean by rinsing with soap & water

Misting Water Bottle