PINING is used to create an aged look for low tannin woods. It will create a light weathered gray on pine, poplar, spruce, etc. For higher tannin woods you will get deep saturated grays. Rather than staining wood, Weatherwood's PINING stain oxidizes it, as nature would. Now you can obtain the look of barn wood or drift wood. Colors are wood species dependent, so either experiment or use our color chart.


  • WW stains contain no dyes, pigments or colorants.
  • WW has minimal odor and can be used without ventilation.
  • WW can be sealed with finish of your choice.
  • WW is VOC free, Earth Friendly Wood Treatment and Preservative



  • PINING is excellent for Interiors and Exteriors. Suitable for hardwoods, soft woods, veneers, reclaimed wood and most tropical woods.