White maintenance oil creates a beautiful white wash or scandinavian oiled floor. You can use it to lighten the look of Weatherwood stained wood, when you still want to see the grain.



  • Hold: Used to maintain the color on light colored wood.
  • Lighten: Used to lighten color of raw and stained woods.
  • White Wash: Apply up to three coats oil white oil to achieve a bleached wood or white washed look.
  • Ceruse: Create a cerused wood look.

White Maintenance Oil Sealant

  • Commercial & Residential Use: Tough enough for the commercial world, but pretty enough for either. 
    Moisturizes & Integrates with Wood: Penetrates wood to protect from within. Wood is able to breathe, expand and contract as it was meant to. This helps the longevity of your wood project.
    Stain Resistant: WW Maintenance Oil finish is by definition wood that’s been saturated throughout with oils that make the wood relatively impermeable to foreign contaminants. WW Maintenance Oil is resistant to wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juices, milk and water. Wood is protected but still open (not sealed by a hardshell coating), so spills should be wiped promptly with this sort of coating.